Sales2020: Top 5 Sales Graphs & Charts to Boost your Business #Plug&Play

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | August 7, 2020

The 2020 reality is more than clear, the days that sales was all about reaching out for leads at random or shooting in the commercial dark are long before gone. Today & the Future, Forbes 2020, is about data, they are about making data-driven decisions that will lead to genuine revenue-boosting opportunities.

Keep in mind that data is all around us - if your sales team can simply leverage them to the best of your business growth then simply said, sky's the limit. At this point, that is where the sales performance charts come in.

These charts and graphs each illustrate crucial aspects of your sales BI department that you would be well served to know in-depth and keep track of.

#1. The Different Types of Sales Graphs

The range that the Sales function covers can be really wide, on this #Part1 of our Digital Sales series we will go through Sales performance and targets through to customer acquisition costs and sales cycle.

Graph Goal Key Questions Sales Graph Sample
Performance Optimization
  • Customers Gained
  • Revenue driven by each customer
  • Cost to acquire customer
Customer Lifetime Value Chart
  • Expected revenue generated per customer
  • Take away your customer acquisition cost (CAC) from the total level of revenue that you expect to generate from a new customer over the lifetime of your relationship.
Customer Acquisition Cost
  • If you haven’t been strategically embracing a higher CAC, this graph can serve as an “early warning system” for a rising trend
Sales Cycle
  • How long it takes accounts to get through your sales funnel on average

#2. The Secret To Sales Success: Knowing Your Numbers

Let’s consider how data can enhance the way we approach business sales in a strategic sense, according to these essentia 2020l insights:

  • KPMG - Work with right sales chart - 19% of buyers want to connect with a salesperson during the awareness stage of the sales process.
  • Deloitte - Take charge of your sales strategies and get ahead of the competition. - 45% of today's businesses run at least some of their big data workloads in the cloud.
  • Forbes Embrace the Data Analytics power - More than 50% of modern businesses state that big data and analytics have fundamentally changed business processes within their sales and marketing departments.
  • Forbes - The Importance of Coaching in Sales - 67% of B2B companies that have had a formal sales coaching program in place for at least three years experienced high revenue growth.

#3. Reflections & Thoughts

Great sales leaders know there is a cause-and-effect relationship between developing their teams and achieving their revenue goals. Always and no matter the case do keep in mind that a winning sales team uses a consistent sales methodology with sales analytics to to make sure the entire customer-facing team will reach their next level of performance and excellence.

#4. SCALEUP Solutions Sales Case Studies 2020

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