Building a High Performing Sales Channel #Sales2020

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | July 31, 2020

It is clear to claim that the goal of every Sales channel is to set each of the Sales partners in the best possible position so as to make the sale happen. But what exactly does that mean and how can today’s businesses during the Covid-19 crisis make the most & turn their channel into a success story?

#1. Measure, Measure & Measure

One of the key processes to have in line is sales performance, track your partners. The relationship with your channels should be flexible and easy to adjust, improve which feeds from being able to track its performance. Moreover, when one of your partners is not performing having the early insight can either fix the problem or even stop the partner from your programs right from the beginning.

#2. Content Optimization is Key: Micro Mode on

Simple, when briefing your sales reps on your product make sure you offer it in a micro format, that is in “small” bits of information. These smaller parts of information are what makes the learning experience more practical and easier for your sales reps and this in return will get them to leverage it at the time and place they will find it relevant to choose.

#3. Leverage the power of Social Media

Networking with channel partners through social media ensures a more authentic and regular interaction. And as you know, positive partner interactions lead to more partner sales.
A strong content plan along with the so-called product discount or promo code are key actions to boost your sales quotas.

#4. Visibility & the continuous feedback loop

Develop a frequent exchange of information between both your manufacturers and distributors such as lead scores, follow up times and deal stage conversion rates as an effort to amplify your visibility on your sales channel performance.

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