GSpreadsheets: How-to 3min Hacks

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | July 24, 2020

New user on GSpreadsheets? Searching for ways to make the most of it ? Or, just you are searching after something specific there’s a lot more you can get out of the seemingly simple app than you think.

Let us dive into the key formulas and 3min hacks as promised that will hands down make workday easier, help you find out exactly what you need and shave hours off your workload.

#1. PRODUCTIVITY: Top 5 Must know GSpreadsheets Formulas

COVID-19 has proved to be the biggest game-changer and a disruptor across the global economy. As HR function across organisations revisits priorities to leap out of the current crisis, it will need to ensure a robust performance management system in place, which manages and evaluates employee performance in a remote and virtual working environment effectively.

Leverage the following formulas and transform your workplace environment easily in #3min Hacks!

Change the Text of 1000 cells SUBSTITUTE(text_to_search, search_for, replace_with, [occurrence_number])
Make many different calculations on one or more datasets ARRAYFORMULA(array_formula)
Get the SUM of items in the same category =SUMIF(B1:B17, “Miscellaneous”, C1:C17)
Combine values & text from different columns =CONCATENATE (B3,“ ”,C3))
Count specific values (Text OR numbers) =COUNTIF(A2:A10,“>1.00”)
In the first example, any value greater than 1.00 will count as 1. However, it will not count the value, just the count of the number of cells that match this criterion.

SCALEUP Bonus: Add Ons & Power Tools Review for GSheets

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Human Resources departments have a lot of tasks to manage. Whether you are a small team or a large business, the same kinds of tasks still need to be completed. HR departments plan, coordinate and execute the administrative aspect of employee management.

Pick the HR Task Google Add on
Onboarding Employee Onboarding Addon
  • Automation: Mail, IT setup, and training information
Time Track TimeSheet
  • Uses Google Calendar as a time recording tool
  • Ideal for both in-house employees and remote teams
  • Easy to set-up, track time, and manage
Recruitment LinkedinProspector
  • Find profiles in bulk
  • Automatically put them into a convenient spreadsheet
Employee Relations SheetGo
  • Track hours or expenses on a single sheet
  • Combine data from Multiple Sources

#3. SALES: Way to CRM

Any company with a large sales team and hundreds or thousands of prospects and customers to handle could never use Google Sheets as a CRM. However, if you are small business or simply 1-2 junior sales professional or is just a part activity of yours then a Google Sheets CRM could be a low-cost way to start.

Simple, as user you can go ahead and make a copy of the access SalesTables Google Sheets CRM template if you haven’t already. Once you have it, open it up and select ‘File’ in the top menu. Then, select ‘Make a Copy’.

Now you can use this Google Sheet template as a CRM in your own Google Drive account. This saves you the time of creating your own Google Sheet CRM. That easily this tested template can be adjusted to your needs and focus.

Clarify your own sales process, with that aside you can go ahead and adjust the Google Sheets CRM template to your needs.

#4. Reflections & Thoughts

On a final thought, Did you know that you can sync Google Sheets with your Google Analytics account? Or that you can use Google Sheets to plot data onto a Google Map? These features -- and many, many more -- don't come standard with Google Sheets. However, you can easily add them by heading up to "Add-ons" in the top nav and selecting "Get add-ons."

That was simply a quick insight Beyond using Google Sheets, you can also custom code your own scripts to build advanced functions, connect with web services, and turn your spreadsheets into nearly-full-fledged custom applications. We will dive into those possibilities in later articles of the #3minHacks