Recruitment during the COVID-19 Era: Status Quo & Beyond

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | Feb 25, 2021

#1. Video Interviews & Virtual Environment the new norm

Due to necessity needs, companies had to embrace the virtual interviews to the maximum, when it can still be challenging to facilitate 100% of the Interview process on a remote setup the cost and time savings for both parties make it worth the effort. In many cases in fact chances are that companies may realize that virtual interviews are in fact the best option throughout the hiring process, or only incorporate virtual aspects to make the process more efficient.

In March 2020, more than a third of humanity was in lockdown. By the end of April, 1.6 billion workers stood in immediate danger of having their jobs lost. Deloitte 2020, Global Trends

There are many online video apps that can be used when it comes to candidates interviewing. The programs allow you to send professional invites and connect seamlessly while using your computer’s built-in camera and microphone. Using these apps, you can talk almost as if you were in the same room. Such platforms can even allow you to have virtual job fairs where you invite several candidates to a chat room and get to know many applicants at once.

#2. Update your Ideal Candidate Profiles

Because the roles have changed due to virtual work, or new technologies, the ideal candidate may have changed a bit or a great deal. What once was a great ideal candidate and hire may now be a subpar delivery to a sales, operations or leadership team. Who are your new targets? If you don’t define the targets clearly you will never be able to find them adequately.

Here are some of the key steps for your updates:

  1. Define the duties and the requirements for the role
  2. Highlight the company culture, vision and process during COVID-19
  3. Evaluate different methods of connection with the candidates

If you want to be productive in sourcing, screening and assessing candidates, you should take the time to develop an ideal candidate profile.

#3. Talent Pool Beyond Location & Interview Success

Where in previous times the search for the perfect candidate was limited to the region or the country - with the proper sourcing and interview the remote setup can be ensured. COVID-19 has forced many companies to completely transfer their workforces operations online, proving that location is not considered a detrimental factor when it comes to business transactions.

As mentioned, we are still living in a time when most people are working on their own in a remote environment. Some companies may find that this works better and continue this arrangement even after the threat of COVID-19 passes. Here are some examples of the key areas to explore:

Visual 01: Remote Work Interview Questions

Focus Pillar Question Additional Followups
Productivity What Steps you take when facing a new problem, and how they overcome a slump in productivity How have they managed their time during the pandemic? What has changed?
Productivity Can you describe to me your office space? Ensure have a quiet, clean, and tidy place where they can complete their work and maximize their efficiency.
Productivity Have you ever worked with distributed teams? Provide me some details on your experience
Wellbeing How do you maintain work/life balance? How are they handling this period we are all experiencing?
Wellbeing How do you stay focused on your tasks? Do you use any Tools or just calendar to manage your time through your day?

#4. A.I Being Part of the Group

The health crisis gave people a greater appreciation for the fact that humans and technology are more powerful together than either can be on their own. Let us consider the way industries such as manufacturing, education and even grocery delivery drew on the power of integrated human-machine teams during the crisis.

There needs to be a shift in how A.I is perceived from some organizations, from an effort to replace workers to be used as an augmentation for streamlined costs and focus on strategic decision making.

Indeed, we are certainly living and working in a new time right now, but even if we are in uncharted waters, the way we recruit talent and do our work mostly stays the same—with just a few tweaks. Take advantage of new technology, have a bit of patience, and you will find the top talent your business requires.

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