Startup Sales: 3+1 Keys to Success

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | Feb 4, 2021

There is a vast amount of sales strategies on the web, on best-selling books or even through advent tools and new technologies, we will go through the top 5 most effective. Proven sales strategies that real entrepreneurs and successful startups are employees to stay ahead of the competition.

#1. Clarify the WIIFM & Lead

Is is actually farrelly common that many companies tend to employ a sales strategy that ignores what they are really selling to their prospects: Solutions to Problems

Let us take a step back here, when you lead the sales pitch with a breakdown through the different pricing packages, features and specials your prospect can sign up immediately the feature of empathy and solution is lacking.

Understanding what are your clients needs and problems is one of the starting points in order to provide tailor made solutions that will actually lead to those sales conversions.

Here are the core features that your sales strategy should be comprised of:

Key Sales Strategy Pillar Backend Logic & Advantages
Clear articulation of the challenge you can help your prospect to solve
  • Prospect doesn’t fully understand the benefits of what you’re selling
  • Deep research and in-house understanding of their needs up front, bridge the parallel with your offer
  • Clear Articulation & Results
  • Prospects need to know exactly what they’re going to get as far as deliverables, when those milestones will be met, and the downstream impact they’re expected to have on their business.
  • Adaptability is Key
  • There are gonna be cases that your potential clients will bring up some unique demands, reasonable if you consider the variation between firms through their processes and objectives
  • Sales strategy needs to be flexible enough to adapt in the face of new challenges on the go.

  • #2. Lead Scoring to Prioritize those Prospects & SCALEUP

    When dealing with a large volume of leads, incorporating a system in order to evaluate them and map the way through is key. After fully qualifying the leads, (Forbes, 2020) lead scoring will help prioritizing based on the strongest possibility for closing the sale quickly—before even beginning the outreach.

    At SCALEUP We always instruct our clients to work their list from to top to bottom so that they prioritize their team effectively on the highest scoring leads who the greatest potential for conversion and making sure the right questions are answered. With an international team and a fluency of +10 languages both in Western & Slavic Languages we deliver high quality leads, B2B market strategy & Business Dev Plan a complete sales systems to our clients, an OKR based approach.

    #3. Listen your Prospects

    Reflect through the following questions:

    • Do you frequently get pushback from prospects on just one area of your pricing structure?
    • How about requests for the same new features over and over again that prospects cite as a top reason why they’re not interested in signing up for your product yet?
    • Are there specific competitor solutions that tend to be easier to win over new customers from?

    Building up your sales strategy by carefully listening and recording any kind of objections, feature requests, competitor software in use it is for certain that you will be able to perfect your approach

    On a more practical note, it is important to no let those learning be missed bellow inboxes where they will not reach other team members. Since side comments are often forgotten leverage these strategies for sharing meaningful customer feedback to your team

    • Create an internal Trello board
    • Keep a series of ongoing Google Docs
    • Host a public feature request page with voting options like Asana does

    Additionally, make sure you schedule a per month review meeting with key stakeholders of your team to compile and share this feedback in a productive manner, if you are offering a software, your project manages and your developers need to be also there.

    #4. Free Trial Intelligence

    Considering a free trial into your sales strategy is key for increasing those gain in paid signups. Do keep in mind that it has to have a short duration. In the end of the day it is all about giving help the right people commit quickly to signing up, while giving others the opportunity to verify whether or not your product is right for them.

    It’s a tool that needs to be used sparingly, which for 99% of startups means no more than 14 days in length, since usage statistics for most free trials show that only a small minority of people use products for more than three days in a row during trials.

    Keeping your free trial short you will also increase the likelihood of your prospects making the most of your product and take their time in properly evaluating your product.

    Invest On Onboarding, do not let your prospects with no direction on your product

    Onboarding should have a simple road map, with additional sources and Q&As your prospects might have during their experience. Getting real results is what will engage them into committing and in the end getting your product.

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