Gmail & Productivity: From 0 to Pro #3minHacks

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | Jan 21, 2021

Google's free email service has come a long way since its debut in 2004. It's time you became a Gmail power user. These tips will get you there.

It is evidently clear that with Gmail, in most of the cases the end-user gets a high amount of strong features for nothings - as every web app constantly being under development the amount of hidden features that it has is pretty impressive.

Let us explore just by taking advantage some of the key settings can lead to transforming Gmail into the maximum productivity tool it really is. Let’s get started.

#1. Spam is never enough - go for user block

On desktop or mobile, select the three-dot menu next to the Reply arrow button on a message and select Block [Username]. Any future messages from that email address will then be sent directly to your spam folder.

How to access Block menu

#2. Increase the Undo Send time - Mistakes Proactive Check

We all have experienced it, forgetting an important detail on the email we just sent. ith Gmail, you can add a buffer to recall a mistakenly sent message.

How-to increase the time?

  1. Click Uper right corner Gear Icon, Select Settings > General > Undo Send
  2. Drop-down Menu & determine the time elapse
  3. Save

#3. Let Labels and Filters be your Personal Assistant

Gmail can automatically archive incoming email, so you can focus on the most important messages.

Create filters to delete, star, and forward your mail, or to keep certain types of messages out of spam Ensure organization by applying labels to incoming messages, such as work, family, and more. Go a step further and create a filter to automatically label and remove messages from your inbox, until you’re ready to view them at a more convenient time.

#Bonus Tip: With filters in Gmail you can filter mail by from, to, certain keywords, attachment sizes or date. Then you can get Gmail to automatically delete all emails from a certain sender or automatically mark all emails with certain keywords as important for instance.

Additional Resources: Google: How-to Labels & Filters

#4. Turn Gmail into Productivity Tool

Simply open an important email that you need to get to later and click on More button > Add to Tasks. Then your Task window will pop open on the side of your screen where you can see all of your tasks, check off once done.

#5. SCALEUP with Extensions & Templates

Many of our clients, especially recently due to COVID-19 where in need for additional hacks and best practices to make the most of +50 different cloud management tools in the areas of Project Management, Marketing, Sales and HR. Among those key areas need for additional features that Gmail could not offered was covered by the vast variety and number of extensions available in the Google Marketplace.

Here are the top-4 that received the highest level of grading over the pillars of utility, speed and relation to business

SCALEUP.TOOLSTM Recommendation Core Features G2 Crowd Rate & Google Market Place
  • Schedule emails to send later
  • Add follow-up reminders
  • Attach notes to emails that only you can see, includes the GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity system
  • 4.4/5
  • Gmail automatically turned into a trello-like dashboard
  • 4/5
    Checker Plus for Gmail
  • Get popup window notification for new emails
  • Interact with emails and even mark it as read or delete it
  • Chrome Review
  • Content well-written
  • Highlights repetitive words, cliches and more
  • Chrome Review

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