How-to of the day: 3 #Hacks to Maximize Productivity of your Remote Team

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | Jan 14, 2021

With remote working and home office being the new norm during the COVID-19 era, it’s critical to highlight that managing remote teams has different challenges than on-site.

Let us explore the top 3 hacks, as designed and optimized by high-tech leaders and incubators, that today's organizations can leverage right away!

Did you know?

Recent study from KPMG on remote team productivity highlights, Engagement is the highest among employees who have some form (face-to-face, phone, or digital) of communication with their managers on a daily basis and that when employees try to contact their manager, the most engaged employees report that their managers return their call or message within 24hours.

“If you stay in touch with your remote employees, they’ll stay in touch with you.” - KPMG, 2020 Employee Productivity Report

#1. Clarify Progress, Make it Simple & Easy to Understand

Most unified communications and PM platforms over data in dashboard format that often does not cover the needs and the focus of the specific business, our know-how in data analytics helps leveraging these key insights and translating them to dynamic dashboards ideal for our clients needs!

Reality goes beyond that, your employees need to know what is their added value to your Organization, therefore today’s managers need to take the time and explain the whole context. Moreover, recognition and clear feedback on the outputs that your team brings to the table is another key factor linked to increased productivity levels (Forbes, 2020). Praise is free and highly effective, especially when it’s public. Try to encourage your remote workers by giving them shout outs on Google Hangout or whichever application you use to communicate.

“Building a real sense of culture and community is vital to productivity and the success of your business.”

#2. Leverage the Power of Data @ SCALEUP

In today’s digital world, data data makes it possible for everyone to track their work's impact on the overall business. Of course it also helps people set and manage goals and stay aligned on what good performance looks like.

At SCALEUP.Tools most of our clients have had the issue of task management & reporting, ultimately getting from point A to B without having to micromanage their people. With SCALEUP Tools we evaluated their needs and recommended the ideal combination of Project Management & Performance Tracking tools for Remote Team Management in both Business & IT acumens.

Proper data collection — and putting it in an easy-to-understand manner like this — helps employees at all levels. But arguably its biggest value is that it allows executives and managers to see what issues have occurred (and where) and identify performance problems or irregularities.

#3. Assess Past Performance & Trust it

A lack of trust to your team may well lead you to micromanagement, a practice that neither your time will appreciate it neither your employees themselves. On the other hands, no manager can trust 100% their team since this may lead them to unsatisfactory results putting their team in a spot where they receive poor guidance.

How to resolve this? Manager’s can understand their employees intrinsic motivation just by assessing their past work record, this know-how can then used to work alongside each team member as individuals discover their new, best means to high productivity

“Managers can learn about their employees' intrinsic motivation by studying a person's past performance.”

The point of stress should not be the approach of your team, some people prefer to dive into the project and clarify the details on the go others prefer direction and the task breakdown, instead you can leverage the different talents of your team to get the job done. (Forbes, 2020)

Here are four key questions that will get a read on your team as a whole, breaking down each member's skills and approaches to task delivery:

  • "What past accomplishments have proven team's ability to depend on each other when it counts to complete a project?"
  • "How were people assigned to their functions? What was the criteria?"
  • "How were expectations communicated?"
  • "Who was involved and what was their role?"

Maximizing productivity from your remote team doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. Communication is at the heart of establishing an autonomous team that produces quality work and hits their deadlines. Communicate through a variety of channels and be ready to listen to the team.

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