The Importance of Environmental Leadership in the Covid-19 Era

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | Jan 07, 2021

It has already been almost half a year since the Covid-19 pandemic reshaped the world, however despite some of the positive news when it to finding an effective vaccine we do not know yet for sure how long it will continue to affect the way we live.

It has reshaped our lives to a series of areas from the way we think and conduct business to the environment, it is clearly a health crisis but at the same time it is a valid part of ongoing environmental crisis our world is facing today. As today’s business world moves through the challenges of the pandemic it is safe to highlight the importance that a well planned environmental business strategy has in organization’s survival.

Interestingly, Deloitte’s Study in 2019 found that hat over 63% of businesses surveyed have formal resource and sustainability goals in place, and over two-thirds say they’re hearing demands from customers to increase their commitment to good environmental practices. It’s also increasingly in demand from employees.

#1. Bringing CO2 Emissions & Tableau Together

Ultimately it has to be a guidance between environmental and human health policies that guards the next steps of today’s organizations through the uncertainty filled pandemic.

The Greater the Population the Less the Carbon Emissions

According to Tableau data from satellites, cities and hubs where the level of population is really high and dense, with high COVID-19 outbreaks the level of transport emissions has disappeared.

#2. Thoughts for Today’s Leaders

With the clear positive effect that remote working also has for the environment and given the high level of uncertainty that the pandemic brings to the table, business leaders should reframe and think about an action plan for their company that also brings the environmental protection forward. Some key questions to answer:

  • Can you establish a clear work-from-home policy, where possible, across your organization?
  • What could you as a leader do to encourage green transportation options like cycling and public transport to keep commuting emissions low?
  • What are the approaches that you can implement to ensure your workforce’s mental health is in a safe & motivated place?
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#3. Build Resilience with Data-Driven Habits

Every company agenda has been rewritten and rephrased, from individual aspired goals to enterprise wide-goals. Like never before the turbulences made by the COVID-19 pandemic have created an ideal time for leaders to commit data-driven decision making, according to Jackie Yeaney, executive vice president of marketing at Tableau.

“If there was ever a time for data leaders to shine, this is it.” Jackie Yeaney, Marketing VP Tableau

Secure the Senior Leadership Support

Showcase how data can be leveraged on a daily basis within your Organization & shift the perceptio that analytics have as a purely technical, cost-centered investment to a strategic prioritiy with a high level of sponsorship.

Promote Analytics Even during Good Times

It does not have to be a pandemic to acknowledge the sense of emergency around data or to empower more leaders and employees to take action backed by analytical insights. With the velocity that data has within every organization the ability to move on a slow pace is not sustainable.

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