People Analytics: 4 Best Practices to Success #3min Hacks

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | Dec 24, 2020

Did you know?

According to Global Talent's 2020 People Analytics Report, 71% of organizations although consider People Analytics as priority the percentage that makes the correlation to business outcomes, has not change significantly since last year. At SCALE, we have been working with clients to implement various people analytics initiatives to drive behaviour change and performance optimization over Tableau or PowerBI.

Let us explore some of the core learning of our work, especially on how to apply people analytics in a practical and effective manner

Rise of People Analytics Investments by 40%, Forbes 2020, is the HR of today ready to adapt & how?

#1. How to Collect HR Data Effectively?

There is frequently the case that employee data reside on different systems and are not well synchronized. Unlike the case of customer data that companies are more willing to spend on, workforce data are often not considered a priority thus the whole data infrastructure is underdeveloped.

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Overall, HR Data sources within an organization can be divided over the following categories:

  • HRIS Data: Workday, Oracle, SAP among the recent softwares we specialize in
  • Other HR Data: Surveys and other measurement techniques
  • Business Data: Financial and Project Management Data are good examples.

#2. Avoid Common People Analytics Mistakes

The future of work post-COVID-19 is going to challenge companies to manage their employees in new ways. Although more and more organizations are turning to people analytics even A.I to predict and solve Workforce Challenges, the sole truth is that analyzing behaviors, workplace habits and sentiments can be a challenge as it is people-centric.

Make the employee engagement initiative a continuous process not simply an annual or a quarterly one. Seek more frequent feedback, leverage cloud management tools and last but not least create virtual teams that do allow your teams to converse, listen and proactively manage progress, enable employees whenever work happens

“Not only are artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics transforming industries using predictive capabilities but also giving coaching a much-needed facelift.” Forbes, 2020

#3. How-to Link your Analysis to your Business Objectives

In the end of the day it is all about the case that can generate the greatest impact to your business. There are a series of different analysis you can run but which one is the most effective in generating business results today?

In the table bellow we have summarized a list of the most used people analytics use cases that were leveraged by our clients. Most of them are simple & straightforward analysis but have proven to be highly effective.

However, there are cases that companies have run their core people analytics on a continuous basis. In addition, they experiment and over the years developed a portfolio of interesting topics - developing a continuous roadmap of the people analytics projects your organization focuses on will help embed this data-driven culture and have a greater impact on your organization’s performance.

As you can see, many data sources can be leveraged for people analytics and it is up to the Organization and its approach to the future whether those data sources will be leveraged to maximize potential.

Turn the data you have into a competitive advantage. Not sure how?

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