Employer Branding: Should you Re-engineer #HR

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | Dec 4, 2020

With Covid-19 not going anywhere but the need for talented and agile people on the rise, it is essential that your employer brand is not only keeping your current team engaged and on the goal but also keeps feeding your pipeline.

At the end of the day, your employer brand is your promise how you will deliver on a working partnership between your organization, your current employees and future hires. Therefore, not only should be a magnet for talent but also maintain your workforce actively engaged.

Let us go through the key tactics and techniques you can leverage right away to set your Employer Brand to the path to success.

#1. Kick off & Reflect on Status Quo

Every organization from its very first steps has an Employer Brand, the road to success is how organic and true to its values it really is. Take a step back and reconsider your Employer Brand, ensure that it is:

  • Simple but Compelling
  • Ownable and Differentiating
  • Based in Reality & Inspirational
Find your three ownable, differentiating attributes that you can confidently promote to existing employees and prospects.

For this to workout it is important to touch base with both leaders as well as your employees:

  • SU.A: Employer Brand Employee Surveys
  • SU.A: Employee Focus Groups Delivery & Debrief

Analyze the data you receive and define with accuracy why these three attributes are unique to your organization, why you came to life as a company, how do your leaders play their role into your culture.

#2. Creativity Mode on

Put together a social media strategy, setup a career page section with insightful videos on the life within your Organization from your people perspective both before and how the covid-19 pandemic was handled. This is the This is the perfect time to enhance your tone of voice, make people more aware of your values in the way you communicate and help your people during the crisis.

FiBe the organization on which employees and candidates can count on in both good & bad

According to the Randstad 2020 Employer Brand Report, engaging your people in the process is essential. Leverage online tools such as videos, remote working stories, podcasts and inspiring images that should come from your people, after all they are brand ambassadors of your organization.

Insight: Working from Home posts on the rise
(Source: Linkedin 2020, Trends)

Make sure you have crafted and easy and agile process for your employees to share their insights, leverage softwares such as SMARP or Personio that allows for quick sharing and tracking with just one click.

#3. Top Down Approach but with Bottom Up mindset

Whether on an SME or a startup ecosystem it is highly important for the leadership to be the driver of the initiative. Consider delivering a quick briefing to management to ensure they can articulate the brand and handle most questions about it.

Keep in mind to address how each individual will in practice infuse the brand into their actions and words. Always be prepared to address these challenges with thoughtful answers to questions, aligned.

#4. Additional Resources

#5. Recommended Tools to Leverage

All recommended tools do have a free trial as well as a free version, while in terms of the cost they range between €10-€15 Monthly

Ideal For Tool Key Pillars
Employee Networking Sociabble Amplify reach on social media, boost employee engagement and drive social selling and internal communications.
Employee Networking EveryoneSocial Designed to help your employees become potent marketers, sellers, & recruiters.
Measure & Track Employer Brand Index Measures everything candidates, employees, and alumni are saying about your company online.
Measure & Track Qualtrics Surveys that help you track employee experience and gather feedback from across the employee life-cycle.
Social Media Share & Schedule Hootsuite Lows businesses to schedule, manage and report on their social media content.
Social Media Share & Schedule Buffer Social media management platform for posting and tracking.
Content Creation Skills Scout Innovative job video DIY tool that helps you create employer branding videos on your own with a step-by-step guide.
Content Creation Canva Free graphic-design tool assisting employer brand professionals to develop quick visuals, logos, and other image content.

Current employees are the greatest contributors to your organization and the best suited ambassadors for your employer brand, Enable them & give them the means to convey your brand in an authentic and exciting way.