Google Drive for Sales Optimization #Tools

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | October 23, 2020

Leveraging the power of Google Drive can yield a wide range of benefits that can easily transform your sales operations into an agile ecosystem! Let’s explore the top 5 ways executives in the Sales & Marketing sector leverage the power of Google drive for their businesses best interest.

#1. Collaborate and Deliver the RDP Effectively

At times where input and insights are needed from different teams on different locations, it is clear that a common environment is needed where all those different individuals can co-exist.

Use Docs to create content simultaneously, provide real-time feedback with the comment feature, and produce a winning RFP together.

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#2. Sales Reps training done anytime, anywhere

Let us imagine that you have a sales team that is distributed in different locations worldwide and you want to deliver training on a software or even sales optimization techniques. Well in that case, Google drive can be used for sharing the training material and Google Meet for conducting the virtual class, you can even record the training.

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#3. Collect & Analyze Clients Feedback

Use your Social Media Strategy and seek insights from your audience to get quick results without having to involve an expert. Create online surveys easily in Forms. You can see responses in real time, then create graphs and charts to analyze the responses on demand in Sheets.

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#4. Client Presentations & Sales Pitches

Incoming customer meeting and need to prepare a slide deck? Have to collaborate on your manager’s presentation with a team of 5? Leverage the power of Google Slides and explore the various templates available in the platform.

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#5. Share Calendar for Vendors and Employees

Want to gain a clear insight into your teams calendar and whereabouts? Need to have all project deadlines sorted in one common workspace, so your team and vendors know when to deliver? Create a team calendar and keep everyone setup to speed with promotions, campaign deadlines and schedules!

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