The Google Way to Talent Hiring

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | October 2, 2020

As time is passing the tech giant continues to be ranked as among the top companies to work for, with the Covid-19 in a still ongoing course and the imminent future still bearing its name it is clear to claim that when it comes to hiring the HR leaders of today can leverage a thing or two.

According to, of the 3 million applications it receives each year, Google only hires 7,000, or about 0.2%. Although many have heard about Google's unbelievably difficult brain-teasers, the company actually has a bunch of practices that make its hiring process so selective. Let’s dive into the practices and the key pillars of their highly successful back-end.

#1. They Know what to Look for & Share it

It is clear, the company maintains a consistent and streamlined protocol so each googler has a clear image if what to look for in candidates. Through their briefings, an equilibrium should be maintained between company fit, skills fit and finally potential.

Spending too little time on your job ads will only result in frustration and low-quality résumés. It is a common mistake that many companies fall into, recruiter receives the role to fill in does quick search without clear insight on the role and throws a job post into the abyss of the web, waiting what will come in.

Take the time to write a well-thought-out advertisement for open positions. Leverage their ReWorks Checklist for both training your recruiters as well as drafting the job description.

#2. Attracting the Right People: What Google’s Done Right

Googleyness - that’s according to one Google Recruiter, an attribute that interviewers look for in a candidate, it’s a candidate that fits within the Google Culture & Mindset. That culture, according to Google’s Career Page can be simply distilled and broken down into three key components: corporate mission, transparent messaging, and employee-employer verbal reciprocity.

These key elements brand Google as the employer that hosts a purposeful and value-driven place. Recruiters tend to not have a clear insight into the tasks and challenges the role they need to cover entails. Sure. they have seen the job description or even wrote it themselves but they can’t put it’s meaning in words. Your company may never match Google in size, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recruit with the same sense of purpose. All it takes is a different approach to finding the best people for the job and then helping them fulfill their — and the company’s — mission.

#3. Reflect & Apply

Google has turned not only its interview but overall its hiring process into a well-oiled machine -- no surprise for a company that built the ultimate search engine.

The process presents a general path that can be leveraged by other organizations to establish their own hiring, screening, and onboarding processes.While Google is much bigger than the average employer, the benefits of the company’s strategies.

  • Multi-faceted background
  • Skills-Focused Assessment
  • Structured Interviewing

#4. Leverage reWork: A Google HR Engine

Carefully crafted by it’s seasoned HR Professionals, reWork contains a series of guides, best practices and tools that organizations of all shapes and sizes can leverage, plug n play really quick.

#5. SCALEUP Tools & Insights

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