Tool of the Day: Wrike from 0 to Pro #3mins

Konstantinos Anastasiadis @ SCALEUP | September 4, 2020

Whether Big corp, SMEs, or startups companies are constantly working on numerous projects with each one having its own special features. With more and more people getting involved in project management, not having a software in line to track the tasks and progress against them finishing a project can be quite challenging.

Today we will explore and see how we can make the most of Wrike, one of the leading open-source Project Management Tools worldwide. How can you manage your remote team? How can you delegate easily?

#1. Visibility

Improve your communication lines

Leverage @mentions to give your team quick access to a task/project/folder and send a direct inbox notification. You can even collaborate with organizations or partners outside of your company environment by having a shared folder with them.

#2. Search

Optimize & get the results you need

Leverage the search engine to the maximum and get a complete list of all tasks that for example have attachments or even look for a specific attachment within a date range

Looking for a specific task?

Simple and Clean, find a specific task in a folder by typing the command “folder:” or not included “notin:”

#3. Folder & Manage

Report, Track & Optimize

Increase your efficiency levels, by tracking your time spent on each task and create a Report to see overall work done by your team. Another recommended approach is to have the mobile app installed so you can easily create and track tasks wherever you are even when you are offline.

Leverage templates & have your Project Structure ready

Avoid those time wasters on designing your project tasks and structure and reframe your day-to-day work in this way - Templates. Duplicate Wrike’s Project template structure and and launch future Projects with a single click.

#4. Notifications

Adjust Notification settings - Focus on Completed Work

Filter and avoid frequent status updates from your co-workers, modify your setting so you only receive an email when someone finishes their task assignment. It does cut down the mail traffick while at the same time shows the progress your employees are making against certain projects.

Turn your email into a task delegating platform

Did you know? You can forward your most important emails as tasks to specific Folders of your Project by using their unique email address to help you organize your work.

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