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Leaders VS Covid-19

Key Steps for Employee Wellbeing & Maximum Productivity

GSpreadsheets: How-to 3min Hacks

Tips to make the most of Google Sheets.

Talent Management during the Covid-19 Era

Beyond the used up term. Managers VS Covid-19.

Jeff Bezos Way on Hiring #Leaders

With the high level of success and their customer obsession mindset, the company is hiring another 100,000 people in both Canada and the U.S to continue being on top of demand.

Bill Gates way on Hiring #Leaders

Of all tech companies in the world, Microsoft reigns as the one with the highest market cap at over $1 trillion.

Google Strategy to Covid-19 #Leaders

Covid-19 is clearly becoming the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime.

9 Box Grid: Talent Management out of the Box

What is the 9 box grid? Where can you use it?

Deloitte, HCL & Accenture’s New Ventures in Cloud Management #Trends

Accentury has recently announced, investing $3 billion in forming a new business unit that will focus on helping enterprises adopt the public cloud.

Recruitment during the COVID-19 Era: Status Quo & Beyond

Due to necessity needs, companies had to embrace the virtual interviews to the maximum.

Analytics & HR: What is People Analytics

One of the most common terms being heard in Online Events and considered among the upcoming trends in today’s Ecosystem.

A.I: The Future of HR 2020

You have probably have seen it in the Terminator movies, the A.I the skynet the robots are coming for us..Well, the reality begs to differ it’s not exactly what you think.

Startup Sales: 3+1 Keys to Success

There is a vast amount of sales strategies on the web, on best-selling books or even through advent tools and new technologies, we will go through the top 5 most effective.

Automation Trends: Strike Graph raises $3.9m to automate security audits & more.. #Tech

The topic of compliance automation is not actually one of the most interesting topics, but the truth is that big business and security audits go together

Gmail & Productivity: From 0 to Pro #3minHacks

Google's free email service has come a long way since its debut in 2004. It's time you became a Gmail power user. These tips will get you there.

How-to of the day: 3 #Hacks to Maximize Productivity of your Remote Team

With remote working and home office being the new norm during the COVID-19 era, it’s critical to highlight that managing remote teams has different challenges than on-site.

The Importance of Environmental Leadership in the Covid-19 Era

As today’s business world moves through the challenges of the pandemic it is safe to highlight the importance that a well planned environmental business strategy has in organization’s survival.

MS Teams: Open-Source Tool for Remote Team Management?

What are the features that made it a success & how can today’s business maximize it’s benefits during Covid-19?

People Analytics: 4 Best Practices to Success #3min Hacks

People Analytics as priority the percentage that makes the correlation to business outcomes, has not change significantly since last year.

RPA: More time Selling, Less Time Prospecting

How can today’s SME during the Covid-19 crisis make the most out of automation?

Sales & Google Analytics: Cost-Effective & Plugin #SALES

Explore ways to save up your e-commerce shop on analytics softwares

Employer Branding: Should you Re-engineer #HR

Employer brand is your promise how you will deliver on a working partnership.

Top 3 Emerging E-Commerce Tech to Leverage #2020

The covid-19 pandemic shifted e-commerce to its growth more than ever.

Apple: The Recruitment Made Simple Mindset

How Apple recruits employees who are passionate about both its brand and customers?

Remote Teams & Company Culture: Level UP and Beyond

What is Company Culture and how to do it right during Covid times?

Top Data Analytics Solutions for 2020 & Beyond

Data Analytics is crucial - leverage the right provider.

Employer Brand & A.I: Bringing Analytics in

Is salary still employees primary driver?

Google Drive for Sales Optimization #Tools

Leverage the power of Google Drive to transform your sales.

Employee Policies the Tesla Way #Leaders

Learn about the Tesla Employee Handbook.

Google Data Studio: From 0 to Pro

Dive into one of the strongest players in the field of GUI data visualization.

The Google Way to Talent Hiring

When it comes to hiring the HR leaders can leverage a thing or two.

Employee Productivity: Going From Work to Mission

Even the best employees need to know where to focus.

Your Meetings Tracked & Optimized #3mins

Data collection and visualisation for business boost.

5 Hacks to Transform your Mobile eCommerce Funnel Today

More people are shopping online during COVID-19 pandemic. Win this battle!

Tool of the Day: Wrike from 0 to Pro

Solution for companies working on numerous projects.

Covid-19 & the Data Perspective

Let us zoom out for a bit from the pandemic..

What does GDPR mean to People Analytics?

Rapid technological developments and globalisation have brought new challenges...

Leaders VS Covid-19

Key Steps for Employee Wellbeing & Maximum Productivity

Sales2020: Top 5 Sales Graphs & Charts

Today & the Future is about data-driven decisions

Building a High Performing Sales Channel

It is clear to claim that the goal of...

Company Culture: Brand VS the Real Thing

5 Key Steps to Company Culture Success.