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Global Experience

Gain it all. SCALEUP leaders have worked in more than 14 countries, in various industries and companies like Google, Ebay and many startups. A lot of good practice to share.

Flexible & Fast

Run, jump and think big. We know what the business urgency means. We always do maximum to serve the progress and results fast.

Culture Fit

SCALEUP team that's 8 nationalities, speaking 10 languages and located in 6+ locations spread across Europe. Culture adaptability is surely our strength.

Data Driven

Calculate your success. Our efficiency and work design are crafted around data and well-working templates, reporting and clear processes for our work.


Never stop innovating. We are early adopters. We challenge the status quo, exploring new technologies and trends, playing seriously with AI and staying still at the ground.


Complex Recruitment Setup
Built a complex HR & talent strategy incl. setup of company values. Established thorough processes in recruitment with team growth from 30 to 150 people.
Employer Branding
Built the 1st job market presence locally as well as in the CEE region, organized multiple recruitment events (300 participants), incl. hackathons, etc.
Complex RPO project
Over 30 hires in 12 months collaboration. End-to-end recruitment management, CEE job markets cover, full remote RPO team in 4 markets.
Sales in Retail
Full sales audit and reset of sales activities across 4 markets. Market research, training and setup of sales activities retail sales reps.
New Markets Discovery
Market research and sales strategy consulting for entering the CEE market, included lead generation activities and outreach setup.
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Focus on your expansion in Europe and beyond.

While we have the office presence in 4 locations, our dynamic and remote team is widely distributed across the Europe. We are stretching the influence across over 20 vibrant markets and we keep fluency in more than 10 languages in the team all the time.

Example of geographical distribution of the outsourcing & consulting projects from last years:

  • Go-to-market strategies and sales projects in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania
  • HR strategy and staffing projects all Central and East Europe markets
  • Digital transformation projects in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Romania and Slovakia
  • Investment and startup projects Luxembourg, Poland, Sweden, Czechia, Slovakia, UK and Ireland
  • HR and Salas projects outside of Europe: Australia, Japan, Middle East, South America, USA and Canada
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SCALEUP. brings simple HR, Sales, Data Analytics and Automation outsourcing solutions to fast-growing companies as well as family businesses. We are an international team, fluent in 10+ languages, specialists in more than 100 cloud-based and AI tools, with strong local knowledge and presence. Let’s scale-up together!


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